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Champions of the Undead

Zero Latency is excited to announce that we have now had THREE MILLION PLAYS across the globe!!


That’s the equivalent of walking more than 545 million meters… or 13 laps of the earth. It’s also equal to killing over 200 million zombies, which sounds like the perfect reason to celebrate with the first-ever worldwide VR competition we’re running: Champions of the Undead.


Champions of the Undead will bring our awesome Zero Latency community together for an epic battle, where you will need to shoot zombies and score big in one of our most popular games, Undead Arena. You can simply go to one of the 70+ Zero Latency venues worldwide, play a round of Undead Arena, and you’ll be able to compete to win. 


The top player from each region will be flown to Las Vegas for the Grand Final, where the highest-scoring zombie slayer will be crowned, receiving $15,000 USD in cold-blooded cash. If that doesn’t help you to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, we don’t know what will.


Since opening our first venue in 2015, we’ve loved seeing our players explore the vastness of new worlds and destinations in the largest VR spaces available. This is the first time in our history that we’ve been able to bring the global community together in this exciting way. With people continually looking for experiences that allow them to connect with others, Champions of the Undead will bring you closer to your friends than ever before… while also bringing you up close and personal with the brain-hungry hordes, obviously.


Haven’t played Undead Arena yet? Set in a post-apocalyptic game show, you’ll need to fight your way up a multi-level arena in front of a crowd hungry for mayhem and amusement. Your mission is to kill as many zombies as you can, avoid being killed yourself, and ultimately score high to climb the leaderboard. You have three weapons to choose from and can trigger flame traps to toast zombies by the dozen. Remember… aim for the head!


The Champions of the Undead competition will run from Thursday 10th August 2023 to Wednesday 6th September 2023, with the Grand Final taking place on Thursday 5th October 2023 in Las Vegas. Up to 8 players can play together at a time, and you can try as many times as you want to perfect your skills and reach your best score.


The highest score from each Regional Leaderboard will be flown to Las Vegas for the Grand Final with a more challenging bespoke version of Undead Arena filled with even more zombies. The winner of this epic Grand Final will receive $15,000 USD. Runners up will score a VIVE XR Elite worth $1,099 USD to continue exploring new possibilities at home. VIVE XR Elite is a powerful, convertible, and lightweight XR headset that conforms to you. Offering both the untethered freedom of all-in-one XR and the power of PC VR through wireless streaming.

Think you’ve got what it takes and want to learn more? Head to Good luck, slayers!