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Masters of free roam

Virtual Reality Entertainment

The World's Greatest VR Experience

  • Blowing minds in VR since 2015
  • Large range of premium games, including Far Cry® VR - the only AAA VR game
  • Partnered with HP, Microsoft and Intel, at the forefront of VR technology
  • Global leaders, delivering immersive VR for up to 8 players
  • Strong brand, group buying power + head office support

"It's the best virtual reality experience that I have ever had. And I have tried them all."

"This surreal multiple player experience is the world's most advanced free-roaming virtual reality game ever."

"Zero Latency is the best, most captivating, immersive and present virtual reality experience that I have ever tried."

"When the first undead creature comes at you, they feel shockingly close - if you've ever wanted to hear grown men squeal, this is your chance."

"Zero Latency's latest free-roam experience made me a believer in VR eSports."

"The technology is incredibly immersive, and the set-up is perfect for that. You have a huge space to freely walk around in."

Zero Latency VR exclusive

Far Cry VR

Far Cry® VR is available exclusively on the Zero Latency VR Entertainment System.

The brand new 8-player experience has been developed in partnership with Ubisoft and is the only AAA VR game in market.

The only way to experience the world of Ubisoft’s Far Cry® in virtual reality is at Zero Latency.

Zero Latency VR Las Vegas

"Partnering with Zero Latency VR has been so beneficial because we can offer something that other companies can't. We run one of the world's most successful virtual reality venues."

Tamara Bullock
Director, Retail Operations
MGM Grand


Zero Latency Brisbane


VR System

Everything you need to deliver mind-blowing VR entertainment

  • Developed in partnership with HP, Microsoft and Intel
  • All the hardware required to turn your space into the ultimate VR entertainment venue
  • Cloud-based software to manage & monitor venue operations from anywhere
  • Load the latest Zero Latency VR experiences on demand

The Most Experienced

VR Company

Nobody knows VR entertainment better than us

  • Entertaining customers since 2015
  • Operating the largest VR entertainment network in the world
  • Our clients include SEGA, MGM, Bounce and Vodafone
  • Creators of the definitive VR Esports game