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How does it work?

Play Undead Arena

Kill as many zombies as possible in a bloody battle for glory. You’ll have a range of weapons in your arsenal, surroundings you can turn into traps, and a team of players. The twist? You’ll be competing against the top zombie hunters in your region. 

Climb the Leaderboard

The more zombie-blood shed, the better your score, and the higher you’ll climb the leaderboard in your region. Contestants will be divided into three regions: Americas, Europe & Middle East and Asia Pacific. What strategies will you use to compete with the best of the best?

The Final Battle

The top slayer from each of the three regions will score a trip to Las Vegas for the title of Champion of the Undead. They’ll go head-to-head with the world’s best slayers in hard mode, where the zombies have multiplied and the gameplay is tougher.

Become a Champion

The winner will walk away with $15,000 USD*, a prize people will kill to win. The two runners-up in Las Vegas plus two runners-up in each region will score an HTC VIVE XR Elite, worth $1,099 USD to continue exploring new possibilities at home. 


Check out the top scorers from across the globe.

The qualifying period for Champions of the Undead has officially wrapped up. 

Check out the final leaderboard for the highest scorers! The top slayer from each region will attend the Grand Final in Las Vegas on Thursday 5th October 2023.

Plus the two runners-up from each region have won a HTC VIVE XR Elite Headset.