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Up to 8 People

With senses heightened and pulses racing, incredible memories are made. At Zero Latency Adelaide, up to 8 players can be immersed together in fantastic new worlds and shared adventures. 

Bring the Family

Our immersive experiences are incredibly intuitive and fun for tweens, teens, parents and grandparents alike! Check the age limits at your local Zero Latency venue. 

Exclusive to Zero Latency

Zero Latency is the world’s go-to destination to share award-winning experiences. No cables, large game arenas and the freedom to roam, for deeper immersion into virtual worlds.

Advanced Free Roam VR

As the original and most advanced Free Roam VR experience, Zero Latency has grown to 70+ venues globally. We offer the only AAA immersive VR experience - Far Cry VR. 

What To Expect

Get ready for an immersive experience like no other! Choose your adventure, slip on a VR headset and grab the controller. Our virtual reality game experiences will transport you and your crew to incredible new worlds, where anything is possible.

Once inside, feel free to move around as much as you want - just like in real life. No awkward wires or small spaces holding you back from exploring every inch of these amazing, arena scale new worlds!

So what are you waiting for? Come join us today and see why this is the world's best free roam VR experience.

We did the zombie outbreak map and, as a lover of zombie games, it was so fun to finally try a proper VR version. It was much better than I expected, and it definitely makes me want to go back to improve my score.

Marlise D.

I'd just like to mention how incredible the service is here. Yes the games are fun, and it's what you go to Zero Latency for - but you will leave impressed with all the extra 'stuff' the staff do to make the experience worth the time and money!

Kazuki D.

A fantastic gaming experience for an enthusiastic group, no prior experience necessary. Staff are friendly and attentive, focused on making your session very enjoyable. Many games to choose from and there is something for everyone.


Thanks Andrew & the team for making our corporate event such a success and fun day! From arrival to departure the team had a ball and we'll definitely be back! Awesome!

Karl N.

What an amazing experience! If you are considering it then go right ahead and book a session! You won't regret it! Staff are friendly and fantastic. The experience is everything you are hoping for when you think Free Guy, Player 1 and even Star Trek Holodeck! Kids (and adults) had a ball and they think Zero Latency is the coolest!

Edward F.


As realistic as it feels, this is not real life. The technology is incredibly immersive, and the set-up is perfect for that. You have a huge space to freely walk around in, there are no cables or wires.


You're not limited by space or wires. It's the best virtual reality experience that I've ever had. And I have tried them all.


The undead feel shockingly close - if you've ever wanted to hear grown men squeal, this is your chance.


This surreal multiple player experience is the world's most advanced free-roaming virtual reality game ever.


Zero Latency is the best, most captivating and immersive virtual reality experience that I have ever tried.


Step Into VR