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Thank you for submitting a corporate booking enquiry. Our Zero Latency team will be in touch shortly with more information and availability options. 


Zero Latency is an arena-scale experience, so a maximum of 8 players can play at the same time - groups with more than 8 players will have games run in a back-to-back format. Players not in a game will be able to watch their friends in action (in real life, as well as seeing what they see in VR) from our spectator zone!

You’ll be dashing, ducking, and dodging around a lot in VR, so we recommend comfortable clothing and closed-in footwear for your experience. You’ll be wearing a VR headset and over-ear headphones throughout your time in VR, so players should take this into consideration with hair styling, makeup, and jewellery.

Glass with smaller frames can be used with our VR headsets, but for optimal fit we recommend the use of contact lenses.

Each game has its own age requirement as the type of content varies between titles. Check out our games page for more information.