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Uncompromising Reality

We've created a complete ecosystem of free-roam virtual reality as part of a need for more efficient, realistic, immersive and repetitive training that can be customised for multiple simulations in a variety of industries. Our system allows teams of individuals to move untethered in a designated space, fully tracked and immersed into any situation.

This includes a focus on increased resilience, combat shooting, rules of engagement, fire control, leadership and mission specific training. The application is now highly sought after by military, police and other law enforcement agencies across the globe.


Our Data is Your Weapon

Our platform provides both performance and human biometric data to offer a truly advanced After Action Review function. This enables the instructor to make instant and live adjustments to the regime.

The synergy between pure immersion and capturing human performance data allows instructors to measure mental resilience and better prepare individuals for a multitude of difficult environments.

Av. Heart Rate 100 BPM

Unrivalled Results

These advanced training conditions result in high trainee throughput, desensitisation and the ability to simulate combat situations with ease.

The high degree of immersion and visualisation tools enable a rapid intake of information, more so than any other traditional training method. This level of data collection greatly incentivises users and endorses technical precision on another level.

From pairs based training to full team based mission rehearsal activities, our entire system has been designed to not only change the game, but to change what’s humanly possible.

The Future of Training Starts Here

Our World's Your Limit

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