Free-Roam Virtual Reality Enhancing Training and Education

Training - Free-Roam Virtual Reality Enhancing Training and Education

Effective Learning enabled by Free Roam Virtual Reality

Zero Latency’s FRVR system truly sets the conditions for effective learning through; instructor/trainee facilitation, repetitive learning, simulated real world events designed to meet any training objectives and incremental increases to stressors to assist in developing individual and team resilience. Enabled by our unique immersive After Action Review (AAR) functionality, reviews may be conducted after every iteration of training, ensuring development of expert level skills in a safe, controlled environment.

Benefits of Training with Free-Roam Virtual Reality

  • Organisation specific, realistic simulations within a controlled environment
  • High trainee throughput
  • Individual or team based training
  • Flexible training design and progression
  • Post session review for ongoing assessment
  • Highly visual approach aiding in desensitisation and resilience
  • Visualisation of complex concepts and theories
  • Allows for simulation repetition to measure growth and development
  • Cost effective
  • Reduce training resource requirements
  • Biometric performance measuring
  • Developing unconscious competence

How does FRVR develop unconscious competence? Through the use of global leading technology, Zero Latency enables the trainee to interact in a virtual environment allowing for immersion into any number of situations. Practice through repetition and being exposed to any number of variables allows the development of muscle memory, the ability to develop rapid situational awareness, adapt and react quickly and implant an unconscious ability to apply critical decision making under stress without conscious decision cycles.

Audience and Application

Educational Departments

Repetitive immersive training to develop strong group dynamics and leadership skills

Corporate Training

Team based development training and satellite team networking to enhance productivity

Workplace Health and Safety Training

Increased proficiency through repetitive exposure, assisting in reducing decision cycles, and increasing reaction time which can save lives

Emergency Services

Allows for skill development, enhanced communication and team building


Advanced tactical training in both combat and non-combat scenarios, in any terrain

The most advanced virtual reality based training platform on the planet

Our FRVR system is truly innovative, with the ability for organisational specific content development, its scalability and integration with existing simulation systems and hardware. Zero Latency is now positioned to provide the most advanced virtual reality based training platform on the planet!

Core Capabilities


The system can be scaled and customised to cover any size space allowing for unique free-roam experience.

Multi user

Allows for individual or team based training events. Multiple concurrent participants allowing for instructor/trainee interaction, team based skills development or force on force interaction.

One System, Many Simulations

Our unique approach allows for select elements, or an entire simulation to be completely changed based on the training objectives, allowing for diverse training environments.

Cost effective Solution

Once set up, simulations can be run repeatedly at minimal cost.

Linked Systems

Conduct team based training whilst geographically dispersed. Individuals, teams or instructors can now be physically separated whilst interacting in the virtual world. Bring key capabilities together, including linking existing simulation systems, without additional overheads.


Trainee uses their body and interacts with the virtual environment as they would in the real world.

Integration and customisation

Zero Latency is able to integrate hardware with any workplace specific equipment enabling a more immersive training experience. This truly supports the notion of 'train to win'.

After Action Review

Our patented system allows immediate review of any training serial, in either 2D or immersive VR view. This allows for analysis of past performance, adjustments and repetition to develop expert outcomes.

On the Fly Changes

Develop scripted scenarios with pre-programmed events, or enable your training with triggers enacted by the facilitator. Allows for incremental increases of stressors, or simply to rapidly apply changes to accelerate learning.


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