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There’s nothing like a truly engaging, immersive and unique experience to bring a team together. Get your team out of their day-to-day environment and challenge them with an event they’ll talk about all year! Perfect for team building, leadership development, corporate entertainment and EOFY and Christmas parties.

Our venue managers can tailor the in-game experience to suit your needs and budget, taking the stress out of organising an event and assisting you through the process making sure your session is a complete success.


Zero Latency has a variety of event packages to suit every team size. Each package includes exclusive use of the venue for your event duration, and gameplay time for up to 8 players.

Additional time is required for the game briefing and debrief. For the best player experience, a maximum of two game selections per package applies.

Interested in refreshments for your event? Enquire below to receive our catering guide.

Package #1 - 30 min games

$472 per session (up to 8 players) - from $59pp

Our classic VR experience that players know and love. Includes 30 minutes of gameplay time per player.

Package #2 - 45 min games

$632 per session (up to 8 players) - from $79pp

Great for teams that are looking for a longer experience. Includes 45 minutes of gameplay time per player.

Package #3 - 60 min games

$712 per session (up to 8 players) - from $89pp

Our best value experience! Includes a whopping 60 minutes of gameplay time per player to explore our virtual worlds.

Package #4 - 15 min games

$312 per session (up to 8 players) - from $39pp

Got a large group or strapped for time? Our shorter games are the perfect option. Includes 15 minutes of gameplay time per player. A minimum booking of two sessions applies.

Package #5: Sol Heist - Sol Raiders Tournament

$784 per tournament (up to 16 players) - from $49pp

Looking to get more competitive? Four teams face off in our Sol Raiders Tournament to crown the top squad of Raiders. Each player competes in two 15 minute matches to achieve objectives across three unique levels.

*Available at Zero Latency North Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane


Zero Latency VR offers a state-of-art virtual reality experience - with no cables or tethers, you and your group have the freedom to walk around and explore VR together. You’ll be equipped with a set of headphones to immerse yourself in the game, a microphone to plan strategies and communicate with your team, and a VR controller to interact with the virtual world around you.

On arrival, your friendly Game Master will brief your group on what to expect from your experience, and how to safely play your game. Once you’re geared up in our VR equipment, you’ll make your way into the game space to start your adventure together. After your game concludes, you’ll return to reality to check out who took the top score (and bragging rights) of your game.

Our experiences can have up to 8 players exploring our virtual worlds together. Please reach out to your local Zero Latency VR venue to learn more about booking options for larger groups or events.

Our immersive experiences may not be suitable for all players - please check with your local Zero Latency VR venue for policies such as age and height requirements, or for any questions relating to players with accessibility needs.

Whether you’re being chased by zombies or taking out robot drones, FRVR can be hard work - we recommend comfortable clothing and closed-in footwear for the experience.

Not all venues have VR headsets that are compatible with glasses - please reach out to your local Zero Latency VR venue for more information.

You will play in an area up to 225 square metres (2421 square feet) as the game space size and dimensions vary between venues. The virtual space will feel much larger, and we reuse the game space area with some nifty tricks we have developed.

Every part of our FRVR system is designed to give you an immersive experience without any of the motion sickness typically associated with virtual reality.

Our FRVR system has a ton of safety features built in that are designed to keep you where you need to be. Just make sure you follow all directions within the game, and listen out for instructions from your Game Master!

Still have questions? Get in touch with your local Zero Latency VR venue here.


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