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Zero Latency is a global leader in immersive entertainment, working at the cutting edge of VR and location-based experiences. 

With 90+ venues across 25+ countries, Zero Latency is the largest free-roam VR network in the world. Since opening the world’s first free-roam VR venue in 2015, Zero Latency has thrilled more than 3.5 million players worldwide.

We offer best-in-class technology ensuring that players can experience immersive worlds not available anywhere else. Our experiences offer the opportunity to fight through epic adventures or battle your friends in mind-blowing experiences with up to 8 players. To put it simply, coming to Zero Latency is like being inside a video game, an experience unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

In physical large-scale spaces unrivalled in the free-roam VR industry, players have more freedom of movement and agency than ever before - without the need for backpacks, extra wires, or other distractions.

We’re constantly innovating when it comes to competitive socialising, with our experiences developed in-house by our dedicated development team in Melbourne, Australia. Pushing the boundaries in emotive, thrilling adventures, Zero Latency is at the forefront when it comes to location-based entertainment.



Zero Latency was born from the dream to create a new form of entertainment. With virtual reality previously relegated to a wired experience in your home, founders Tim Ruse (CEO), Scott Vandonkelaar (CTO) and Kyel Smith (COO) decided that there must be a more exciting way to play. A way for people to connect to one another through the joy of immersive experiences.

The three began working together on a prototype back in 2012, in Scott’s garage. After rigorous testing and development, this prototype was unleashed on an unsuspecting public at Pause Fest 2014, a digital innovation conference in Melbourne, Australia. It blew people’s minds.

From there, a crowdfunding campaign was launched, which led to a seed stage round of investment. Finally, in August 2015, Zero Latency Melbourne, the world’s first FRVR venue opened its doors, with six-week-long waiting lists to try out this new, home-grown, innovative experience.

In 2021, we partnered with Ubisoft to create Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity, the first-ever AAA free-roam VR experience. We’re excited to work on more adventures with our partners in the future, including the upcoming AAA project Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, working alongside Games Workshop.

In 2022, we worked with our partners at HTC to create a 6E wireless remote rendering solution. This removed backpacks to allow for an even more immersive experience, changing the game for customers. Additionally, owners and operators globally benefit, too, with decreased entry costs for new owners, hardware management, equipment maintenance, and a simplified player onboarding experience, making for the most affordable and easy-to-use iteration of the Zero Latency platform yet.

In 2024, we are the irrefutable global leader when it comes to free-roam VR experiences, with more than 3.5 million game plays across over 90 locations in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Not only that, but we’ve built an impressive and passionate team here in Melbourne and across the globe who continue to work together on creating the most immersive free-roam VR experiences in the world.

We work to bring more joy and blow more minds every day, and we innovate to improve quality of life for platform operators and customers. Our goal is to create efficiency to improve platform economics, drive growth, and increase access to incredible experiences.

Together, along with our incredible venue partners, we’re excited to keep pushing the envelope now and into the future, blowing minds with the world’s greatest virtual reality experiences.



  • Top 10 Fast Company Most Innovative Gaming Companies - 2016
  • 3rd in Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Australia - 2017 
  • 8th in APAC Tech Fast 500 - 2017
  • IAAPA Best New Products, Games and Devices (1st Place - Engineerium) - 2017
  • IAAPA Best New Products, Games and Devices (2nd Place - Singularity) - 2017
  • Elastic Search Awards Honoree - 2019
  • Real World XR 2020 Award for Best Location-Based VR Experience - 2020
  • Finalist, MAPIC Awards, Leisure Concept of the Year - 2023
  • Finalist, VR Awards, VR Location-Based Entertainment of the Year - 2023