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5 minutes with Zero Latency VR Mumbai's Parineeta Rajgarhia

Parineeta Rajgarhia
Parineeta Rajgarhia, Managing Director SamRey Entertainments

We spent some time with Parineeta Rajgarhia, Managing Director for SamRey Entertainments, who opened the very first virtual reality entertainment attraction in India.

How did you feel about bringing free-roam VR entertainment to India?

Super excited. India is the right market. It needs experiences like this for people to enjoy and a change from the usual monotonous office dinners and offsites. It is something revolutionary and virtual reality is the future, so why not?

What’s the appetite in Mumbai for cutting-edge technology?

Mumbai and India are rapidly growing and the tech appetite is increasing everyday. Today, India is leading the world in fintech and many other areas.

How does Zero Latency fit with your wider plans to entertain your customers?

My company SamRey Entertainments has a vision to bring new kinds of entertainment sources to people. Entertainment which people of all ages can enjoy in a social and active way. For the immediate future, we are looking at opening Zero Latency VR arenas in a number of metro cities across India.

What excites you most about introducing VR entertainment to the region?

If you look over the past few years, gaming is a rapidly growing industry.
A few noteworthy trends:

  • In the past, gaming was considered to be only for kids. But now, all of us are involved or acquainted with titles like PUBG, Fortnite, Candy Crush and Farmville. Gaming has evolved and there are games for all age groups now. 
  • We have also seen large gaming FEC’s ( Family Entertainment Centres) open rapidly across different metro and non-metro cities. 
  • Gaming is becoming more and more social. People now prefer to play with their friends rather than alone at home.

We are in the fourth industrial revolution, where technology is king. I think futuristic technology and experiences are set to revolutionize gaming. These kind of experiences already exist in other markets like the US, Europe & South East Asia. They now need to come to India too. 

Next-generation gaming involving Virtual Reality can be very immersive. These experiences are life-like where players play in a very social environment. 

If I were to quote the movie Ready Player One “It's a place where the limits of reality are your own imagination. You can do anything, go anywhere”.

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