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Zero Latency VR Opens in Germany

Zero Latency, the pioneer and global leader in free-roam, multiplayer virtual reality entertainment, has opened its 28th arena scale VR entertainment venue. In a new partnership with EEN Entertainment & Event Neufahrn GmbH, Germany’s first Zero Latency VR venue is now open to the public at Bajuwarenstrasse 5,  85375 Neufahrn, just a few minutes drive from Germany’s second largest airport in Munich.

“We’re excited to announce the Munich venue as our 28th globally. It’s the first Zero Latency in Germany, expanding the world’s largest free-roam virtual reality entertainment network and opening one of Europe’s largest markets. We are very  pleased that EEN Entertainment chose to begin their virtual reality presence with a Zero Latency VR system”, says Zero Latency CEO Tim Ruse.

“It’s a feeling of pure excitement, bringing free roam VR to Germany. Munich is the perfect place for new tech-powered experiences with its massive industry and one of the world’s highest-ranked tech universities. Zero Latency is the leading free-roam VR company globally, and will take the German entertainment sector to a new level of fun”, said Korbinian Gritz, General Manager, EEN Entertainment & Event Neufahrn GmbH.

Zero Latency made headlines last month announcing the release of their 6th game ‘Sol Raiders’, a groundbreaking virtual reality esports title.

“We continually strive to deliver the greatest free-roam multiplayer VR out there, and our new team-based competitive experience brings the Zero Latency VR experience to a new segment of the market with its esports appeal”, Mr Ruse said.

Zero Latency plans to have at least 100 sites opened before the end of 2020.

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