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These terms apply to the VR Game Pass available at Zero Latency North Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

All standard venue booking terms apply to the use of the VR Game Pass.

The VR Game Pass is valid for up to eight (8) ticket redemptions, only at the participating Zero Latency venue it was purchased from.

VR Game Pass tickets can only be redeemed for Tuesday-Thursday standard online sessions that fall within 8 weeks from the purchase date, excluding public holidays and special events, and subject to availability.

VR Game Pass tickets are only valid for the player it was issued to and cannot be transferred to other players.

One (1) VR Game Pass ticket can be redeemed per session time.

VR Game Pass tickets are forfeited if they are not redeemed and played within 8 weeks of purchase.

VR Game pass tickets can be redeemed by using the unique code via the online bookings page.

Booking changes for tickets booked using the VR Game Pass cannot be moved past the VR Game Pass expiry date.

The VR Game Pass cannot be exchanged for cash, sold, or used to purchase Gift Vouchers.

A breach of the terms of use or venue policies may result in the cancellation of the player’s VR Game Pass and/or redeemed tickets.