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  • We invented Free-Roam Virtual Reality
  • We operate 3 times as many arena-scale sites than any other provider
  • We are the only global arena-scale provider
  • With twice as many games as competitors, we offer your customers variety and replayability



The gold standard in location-based VR


We have the largest Free-Roam VR network with 30 venues in 18 countries.

We have been operating VR entertainment venues since 2015.

We're partnered with Microsoft, HP and Intel.

We have the definitive VR Esports game.

We've announced our first third-party-developed game with another to be announced this year.


Free-Roam Virtual Reality Platform

The legendary VR system developed in partnership with Microsoft, HP and Intel. Cloud-based management software to operate your venue. We place the power in your hands, enabling you to manage a thriving VR entertainment business.


A library of award-winning VR games ready to load at the push of a button. A rich variety of experiences catering to more segments in the market, reaching greater audiences and bringing VR entertainment into the mainstream.

Client Success

We partner with you to ensure the ongoing success of your entertainment venue business. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of the world's largest free-roam virtual reality network.

"We align with Zero Latency from a strong investment and growth perspective. Having Zero Latency’s package opens more opportunities for us now and in the future.”

Simon Ogilvie I Tomorrow Entertainment I Repeat Zero Latency Licensee



Join the VR ESports Revolution


8 Player action: 2 teams of 4 face off in battle  •  3 Futuristic maps with unique objectives and heart-pounding engagements  •  Original IP set in a vibrant and exciting science-fiction universe  •  Engaging for casual gamers and professional players alike  •  Unlimited replayability

Sol Raiders - VR eSports

Sol Raiders - designed for VR eSports

Developed from the ground up to support a professional, global competitive scene, players pilot battle-bots and face off in team-based combat, offering limitless replayability.

With a roadmap of development planned to add features and functionality, Sol Raiders will be supported as the gold standard in competitive virtual reality gaming well into the future.

Zero Latency’s latest free-roam experience made me a believer in VR Esports.

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